Become Your Own Muse
I believe that each individual possesses a unique purpose, gift, and vision bestowed upon them by a higher power.  And that each person has the inherent ability to attain their aspirations, for we all have own inner guide and are capable of unlocking the answers that lie within ourselves to become the person they aspire to be.

Some background on myself: 
I am resilience personified and a consummate optimist. I have been through many triumphs and pitfalls, but I've always gotten back up and charted a new path full of fresh wisdom and determination.
I am in the process of becoming a Certified Co-Active Coach, which will be completed in December 2023. In the meantime, I'm elated to currently accept new clients now at discounted price.
My hobbies include karaoke, reading, traveling (road trips!), and exploring astrology; which I consider reading natal charts my party trick.
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"I definitely recommend having a human design reading with Misha. This reading made a lot of things in my life make sense and I really feel like I understand my motivations and processes a lot more! Misha was so informative and deliberate in walking me through my reading. It was such an eye-opening and empowering experience!"
Sara Fischer
Political Consultant
"I had the honor of being coached by Misha, she brings her whole self to our session, she has a strong intuition with a great sense of humor, working with her was amazing, she took me places that I was nervous to go but they stretched me!"
Kelly Calheiros
Senior HR Leader
"Misha is an exceptionally warm, present, and insightful coach. The way in which she listened made me feel seen and the insights she shared allowed me to make space for positive action forward. Anyone who works with Misha is lucky to have someone like her in their corner!"
Yumi Perkins
New Fish Coaching Founder
"Working with Misha was literally a dream come true. Prior to our sessions I was indecisive and often over thought everything. Working with her on a weekly basis and the various prompts she provided me with thoroughly helped me push through and propel within the first quarter of 2023. She is very knowledgeable and easy to work with. I encourage everyone to make the investment into a session with Misha to properly get to the next level in their personal and professional life"
Raven Robinson
CEO, Pr2Politics
Become Your Own Muse
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